Implant Restoration

When a patient experiences issues with a dental implant, they often think they need to get a completely new dental implant. As a result, patients often avoid having their dental implants fixed for fear of undergoing the same lengthy placement process they experienced when first getting an implant.

This, however, is not true. If your dental implant has seen better days, our dentists at ONE Dental can simply restore it to make it like new with no need for any additional surgical procedures or recovery time.

What Is Implant Restoration?

Implant restoration is the process of restoring a dental implant that has been damaged. Implant restorations usually involve manufacturing a new crown to completely replace the existing one or removing the existing crown and reattaching it.

How Long Do Dental Implants Usually Last?

Technically speaking, dental implants (referring to the implanted anchor portion) are designed to last patients a lifetime. That being said, it is possible for an implant’s anchor to be damaged and come loose in extreme cases of periodontal disease that lead to the deterioration of the jawbone around the dental implant. These cases, however, are quite rare, and our dentists would begin working with you to resolve early signs of periodontal disease long before this type of damage could occur.

The dental crown portion of a dental implant can last up to 15 years with proper care.

To extend the life of your dental crown, we recommend avoiding chewing on hard objects or foods. Additionally, we recommend that you take steps to resolve any conditions you might have that put additional wear and tear on your teeth, such as the clenching and grinding associated with sleep bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorder.

Signs Your Dental Implant Needs a Restoration

Signs your dental implant could use a restoration include:

If you notice any issues with your dental implant’s crown, we encourage you to schedule an appointment right away.

Does Dental Implant Restoration Hurt?

Dental implant restorations only involve work above the gum line on parts of the dental implant that are not at all connected to the nervous system or gum tissues. As a result, patients experience no pain or discomfort during implant restorations, and there is no need for anesthetics.

Complete Implant Restoration in Miami

If you have a dental implant and think you might need a restoration, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists in Miami. We can take a look at your dental implant and help you determine the proper course of action. To learn more or schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact ONE Dental today.