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Learn about Endodontic Therapies Offered by One Dental Centre, 

If left untreated, minor dental decay can quickly escalate into a serious dental condition. As oral health dentition often dictates a patient’s overall health, tooth infections or abscesses can yield serious secondary health consequences. At ONE Dental Centre, our mission is to provide patients with the personalized dental care needed to achieve optimal oral health. By collaborating with fellow dental specialists, our Miami endodontist, is able to create effective treatment plans to remove decay and restore patients’ oral health and dental function in Brickell, Coral Gables, Coral Way, and Miami FL. 

Who can Benefit from Endodontic Therapy?

Endodontic treatment is often recommended when teeth have been compromised by infection, decay, or trauma. These scenarios provide bacteria with an entry point to the inner pulp of the tooth. Once inside the inner chamber, bacteria growth accelerates, causing damage to nerves and tissue. In addition to being extremely uncomfortable, teeth infections can quickly escalate into a more serious condition known as abscesses if left untreated. This progression occurs when the infection spreads beyond the pulp chamber and beyond roots of the teeth, creating a pocket of dead tissue at the base of the root. 

Abscessed teeth are particularly dangerous, as the infection can begin to eat away at jaw bone, threatening structural integrity. In serious cases, the infection may spread to other parts of the body, potentially compromising patients’ overall health. Removing dead and infected tissue through root canal therapy or other endodontic procedures is especially important in order to restore health and function of damaged teeth. 

Root Canal Therapy

ONE Dental Centre’s endodontist Dr. Peguero utilizes advanced technology during each phase of the root canal treatment process, ensuring lasting results.

Beginning with the initial evaluation, digital x-rays are used to determine the extent of damage caused by the infection, allowing our Miami endodontist to develop an effective treatment plan. The use of endodontic microscopes during the treatment development phase allows Dr. Peguero to walk patients through the procedure step by step, ensuring there are no surprises. 

During the procedure, a small opening is made in the crown of the tooth, providing access to the pulp chamber. Specialized tools are then used to remove diseased tissue from the inner tooth and root canals. Root chambers are then sterilized and your tooth is shaped to fit the restoration. Once root canal systems have been prepared, they are filled with a biocompatible material and a temporary filling is placed to seal the tooth. Patients return for a secondary appointment during which the final restoration, or dental crown, is placed.

Apical Surgery in Miami

For advanced tooth infections, more extensive treatment may be required in order to successfully preserve damaged teeth.  Endodontic microsurgery, known as an apicoectomy, is utilized to surgically remove the tip of the root as well as any decayed tissue around the root. A filling is then placed at the tip of the root, preventing any bacteria from breaching the root canal and causing further infection. 

Comprehensive Endodontics in Miami

ONE Dental Centre is proud to offer root canal therapy and apical surgery as comprehensive solutions to tooth infections or abscesses. As a multi-specialty practice, our team is able to provide treatments and restorations for a number of dental conditions. For more information about root canals and apical surgery in Miami, Schedule a visit with One Dental Centre in Miami today!