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Treating Gum Disease with Laser Dentistry by One Dental Centre

At ONE Dental Centre, our mission is to provide comprehensive, personalized care that enhances the health, function, and aesthetics of your smile. For patients requiring gingival care, Miami periodontist Dr. Katherine Rodriguez integrates advanced LANAP™ technology into periodontal treatments! With this innovative procedure, our patients in Brickell, Coral Gables, Miami, and Coral Way are able to enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles that last!

Understanding LANAP Technology

Formally known as the Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, the LANAP™ protocol was developed as a minimally invasive solution for treating periodontal disease. Over the course of two visits, a soft tissue laser is used to eliminate bacteria and remove diseased tissue lining the periodontal pocket without damaging healthy gum tissues. 

An ultrasonic cleaner is then used to remove tartar buildup on the roots of teeth and is followed by a secondary pass of the laser to remove any remaining bacteria and to sterilize tissue and bone at the base of the pocket. This second contact with the laser also encourages the formation of a blood clot, which promotes tissue regeneration and reattachment to teeth. This re-attachment is particularly important as it seals the periodontal pockets, preventing future accumulation of bacteria.

The Advantages of LANAP™

In comparison to traditional periodontal surgeries, LANAP™ therapy offers a number of immediate and long-term benefits. Many of these advantages stem from the use of a laser, rather than a scalpel, to treat the affected area. Given the small size of the laser, treatment is minimally invasive in comparison to traditional periodontal procedures. With LANAP™ therapy, patients do not need sedation and are typically able to complete the procedure with local anesthetic. 

As the laser stimulates blood clot development, there is limited post-operational bleeding, swelling, or discomfort, allowing most patients to return to work the same day. By cauterizing tissue, LANAP™ also reduces the opportunity for post-operational infection while often reducing recovery time. Sealing of the periodontal pockets also helps protect the underlying bone and connective tissue, encouraging overall health of these critical oral structures.

Advanced Periodontal Therapy in Miami

By integrating this state-of-the-art technology into periodontal therapy, our Miami LANAP™ patients are able to regain dental function and improved oral health. Following LANAP™, our dedicated periodontist works with patients to develop a long term maintenance plan. These plans often include more frequent cleanings and visits to our Miami dental office to monitor changes in gum health and remove tartar accumulation. 

ONE Dental Centre is committed to providing patients with exceptional, personalized care. Through multi-specialty collaboration, our Miami dental practice is able to help individuals achieve their optimal oral health.

For more information about LANAP™ therapy in Miami, contact Dr. Rodriguez today or schedule an appointment with her today!