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For many adult patients, the possibility of needing braces can be an unattractive prospect. Between restricted diets, frequently inconvenient dental visits, and the aesthetic impact of wearing metal braces, it is no wonder why adults often avoid orthodontic treatment. However, Invisalign® offers patients the opportunity to improve dental alignment without the inconvenience of metal braces. If you are considering clear braces, take the following into account:

The entire Invisalign® treatment process is centered on patient comfort. Beginning with your treatment consultation, digital impressions are used to comfortably take in-depth images of your dentition, ensuring that your aligning trays fit comfortably. As these trays are smooth, patients do not need to worry about gum or cheek irritation commonly associated with traditional braces. While patients may experience some tightness when changing out their aligning trays, this inconvenience is minor compared to the soreness of tightening braces on a weekly basis.

In the past, traditional braces were the only option for patients looking to correct minor tooth rotation or minimal crowding. Patients requiring only minimal corrections were required to undergo full braces. While traditional orthodontics are still recommended for patients with jaw-related bite problems, Invisalign® is an ideal alternative for patients that only need minor corrections to their smiles or those individuals who have experienced relapse after having worn braces as a child.

Treatment Time
As Invisalign® can be used to treat minor issues, treatment time is often reduced for patients who opt for clear braces. Thanks to the continuous innovation in the technology behind Invisalign®, certain eligible patients experience accelerated treatment with this orthodontic treatment option.

Perhaps one of the most important advantages of Invisalign® is the convenience of treatment. As patients are given several aligning trays to change at home, individuals only need to come in for check-ups every 12-14 weeks. Since the trays are removable, patients are able to maintain their current oral hygiene routine without interruption. From a dietary standpoint, the removability of the trays eliminates any restrictions typically associated with traditional braces.

One of the main reasons why adults tend to avoid orthodontic treatment stems from the youthful appearance of traditional metal braces. Rather than sacrificing their professional appearance with conventional orthodontics, Invisalign® allows adults to enjoy a discreet treatment that goes virtually unnoticed.

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At ONE Dental Centre, we work closely with patients to create treatment plans that improve their oral health, function, and aesthetics. For more information on Invisalign® and its long term benefits for patients before, during, and following treatment, contact our Miami dental teamtoday. 

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When it comes to improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry, there are a number of factors to consider. Understanding which procedures will most effectively help patients achieve their desired results plays an important role in cosmetic dental treatment selection. If you are weighing your treatment options, consider the following:

The first step to developing an effective cosmetic treatment plan begins with understanding your aesthetic goals. For patients looking to brighten dull smiles, teeth bleaching solutions, such as Opalescence Boost may be sufficient. In cases where a tooth has been extensively damaged, crowns or even dental implants may be the best solution for restoring function and aesthetics. At ONE Dental Centre, our team works closely with patients to help them identify what qualities make up their ideal smile.

Health Impact
The condition of your smile plays a role in determining the effectiveness of your potential cosmetic treatment. For patients with extensive damage to teeth and soft tissue, cosmetic care must go beyond simply improving aesthetics to comprehensively address dental conditions and ensure lasting health and function. When creating your personalized treatment plan, our Miami dentists conduct a thorough evaluation of your smile, determining your needs and recommending treatments based on those needs.

Ideally, your cosmetic solution should last well into the future. However, current dental function, presence of decay, and other outstanding issues may require additional treatment to maintain aesthetics of cosmetic services. It may be worthwhile to consider comprehensive restorations that have a cosmetic advantage in order to protect damaged or weakened teeth. For example, patients with severely decayed teeth benefit more from crowns rather than purely cosmetic veneers, as crowns can prevent tooth infection, provide structural reinforcement, and boost aesthetics.

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At ONE Dental Centre, our team of experienced dental specialists are dedicated to creating comprehensive cosmetic solutions that enhance the look and health of each patient’s smile. By utilizing advanced technologies and innovative treatments, our Miami dentists are able to develop lasting cosmetic treatment plans tailored to your smile. For more information about our available treatments, contact our Miami cosmetic dental practicetoday. 

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Achieving a beautiful, brilliant smile isn’t difficult. While many may believe that they need to undergo extensive cosmetic treatmentsto obtain their ideal smile, most individuals are able to achieve the look they want with teeth whitening systems. Convenient, quick, and effective, there are a number of available teeth bleaching treatments, including:

In-Office, Light-Activated Teeth Bleaching
This form of cosmetic teeth bleaching uses a gel that is activated by a special light. Depending on the level of staining, as well as the desired end result, patients may need to return several times in order to achieve their ideal smile. While patients experience immediate results, many also notice increased tooth sensitivity with light-activated bleaching systems.

In-Office Teeth Whitening with Custom Trays
These tray whitening systems do not use a light to activate the bleaching component in the whitening gel. At ONE Dental Centre, we trust Opalescence Boost to brighten our patients’ smiles quickly and efficiently. Unlike other whitening gels, Opalescence uses as specially formulated gel that includes potassium fluoride to help limit teeth sensitivity by strengthening enamel. As this system comes in varying degrees of bleaching strength, treatment is tailored to our patients’ smile goals and schedules, ensuring that at-home treatment is feasible and easily incorporated into daily hygiene routines.

Over-the-Counter Whitening Systems
For many, over-the-counter whitening systems are considered a simple solution to improving smile aesthetics without having to actually visit the dentist. While appealing, over-the-counter trays are not customized to your smile so you may not achieve your desired results. Additionally, over-the-counter bleaching gel often only comes in one strength. As a result, individuals using these systems run the risk of improper application and enamel erosion with concentrations of bleach that are too high, opening the door for future dental issues.

Teeth Whitening in Miami
When it comes to bleaching your teeth, there is no substitute for professional, in-office whitening treatments. At ONE Dental Centre, our Miami dental team use advanced tools and in-depth evaluations to determine which cosmetic treatments will most effectively help you reach your smile goals. By offering Opalescence Boost as our preferred whitening system, our Miami cosmetic dentists are able to help patients predictably improve the aesthetics their smiles. For more information about tailoring this treatment option to your needs, contact our Miami dentists today.

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